Bryson Gray

Comply? Why? None Better Than Mr. Bryson Gray To Tell Them Why – New Day – Speak A New Way


Topher is Christopher Townsend, and The Marine Rapper (TMR) is Raymond Lott.

Both are Military Combat Veterans.

This Song is a Dedication to Patriots of All Races and Creeds Who Protested the 2020 Election Theft at the Capitol Protest on January 6th.

Miles Guo (Guo Wengui)

Freedom Fighters in China

Mr. Guo has escaped to America from China and is a Leading Voice to Expose the Crimes of the International Criminal Syndicate That Is the Chinese Communist Party

Tom McDonald

Tom McDonald’s “SNOWFLAKES” Is An Accurate Portrayal Of Woke Culture Insanity – In a Non-Traditional And Powerful Format

Brown, Black and White Heroes Team Up To Challenge The Stolen Election of 3-November 2020

U.S. Veteran Patriots Join Forces To Defend And Support Our Sacred 2nd Amendment