Special Note: The Washoe Patriots organization and Nicholas St Jon are in NO Way affiliated, sanctioned, endorsed, or promoted by the Washoe County Republican Party.

I’ve been saying for months that we need to stop talking about the problems and start finding solutions. Well, this is the first major solution: Precinct Strategy developed by Dan Shultz of Arizona.
Dan recognized and then developed this strategy back in 2007 and had we implemented it back then until today, we’d have Nevada Assemblymen and women, Nevada Senators, Reno and Sparks mayors and city council members as well as Washoe County Commissioners that would be representing their constituents rather than the socialist ideology and/or their own personal agendas. Of the 2,122 positions available, ONLY 219 are filled. That’s just a 10.3% occupancy rate making ALL the decisions for our party in the whole of Washoe County and it’s 478,550 residents.

The strategy is simple but requires involvement by hundreds of people like you and I to become precinct members and captains. This is a minimal time commitment, just 1-2 hours per month. Then to get on the Central Committee which meets 4 times a year. As Republicans and Independents, we ONLY have a say in voting for someone on the ballot. The precincts have the ability to influence WHO gets on the ballot so that we can put better quality candidates on the ballot and into office to represent US.

Please take the 13 minutes to watch Dan Shultz explain what, when, why, and how we will reclaim our freedoms by becoming active in the Republican party.

I met with the Washoe Republican party executives Friday May 21st to go over a system to quickly recruit and sign up people into precincts. They gave me the voter registration data for all of Washoe County which I’ve tied into the system to get your Precinct number based on your name and address. This is an “unofficial” sign up and you won’t officially be a precinct committeeman until the party hq confirms your sign up. You will also be added to an email list so we can better communicate meeting dates and times, issues, and neighborhood socials. So click on the link below and it will open in a new tab, fill out the required information and let’s start getting our voices heard.

Sign up software overview