Our 3rd meeting was held January 30th at an undisclosed location to which 160 of our fellow patriots also attended.

We are very encouraged as this is a 4x growth over our meeting just 2 weeks ago. Keep up the great work to get the word out that there is a highly organized group of frustrated and concerned citizens of Washoe County bringing Hope and Encouragement to it’s citizens with a plan to Reclaim our Freedoms.

Cindy gave a report on the success our patriots had from the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) meeting on Tuesday 01/26/2021. After months of our public comments falling on deaf ears, Tuesday Chairman lapdog Lucey responded, watch his response HERE. He unilaterally denied Commissioner Herman’s request to put on the agenda for discussion to consider a resolution similar to White Pine, Elko, and Eureka counties. The said it would do NO good and that it would ONLY apply to “unincorporated” areas of Washoe County which is COMPLETELY wrong. Citizens of Washoe County do not get a free pass on county laws, ordinances, or statues simply because they live in a city such as Reno or Sparks. He also said they will take it under “consideration” to give us the Public Hearing we’ve been DEMANDING for several months now but lapdog Lucey said he doesn’t think it will do any good. Who’s he to decide that???

Attorney Joey Gilbert spoke about the counties that have now passed resolutions that override dictator SissyLackey’s “directives” utilizing NRS 414 giving counties the ultimate authority for what they deem is best for their citizens. They have issued a “State of Economic Emergency” opening up their businesses and nullifying the state’s directives for mandated masks, social distancing and limitations on the size of gatherings both for private citizens and businesses. You can see the press release from AG Ford and the dictator here.

As of this writing, White Pine county has been open for 11 weeks with a decrease in infection rates and deaths from C0V1D-I9. Joey will be defending them in court this week, keep him in prayer for success and for the judge to rule according to law. Other counties now open are Elko, Eureka, Lyons and I think Nye.

Joey’s points on what to do next are what we as a group are formulating for the next BCC meeting on Tuesday Feb 9th. See all the list of scheduled meetings on this site.

Unfortunately Commissioner Jeanne Herman and Dr. Bruce Fong D.O. we not able to attend. FYI – Jeanne requested putting the resolution discussion on the agenda that was denied. Dr. Fong has successfully treated over 200 C19 patients and lead the lawsuit against dictator Sissylackey for withholding HCQ to treat C19 patients in outpatient status.

Melanie passed out signup sheets for people interested in attending the Commissioner, city council, health district, State legislature, and Board of Education meetings as well as getting organized to reach out to businesses to help them fully open up Constitutionally. 57 people signed up, GREAT job folks!

We were graced by Savina who played the Star Spangled Banner as patriots joined in singing along.

Catherine talked about why m@$ks don’t work as well as the NRS 618 OSHA statutes and the NRS 414 Emergency Powers Act the counties can use to open their counties back up as we are seeing now 5 counties that have done so with 2 more slated to vote for a resolution to do so this coming week.

Bruce spoke (without a microphone lol) about a Renown patient that was mismanaged and the way case and patient numbers are being inflated to fit their narratives.

Tara and Erin of Freedom Angels gave us an update and how they are applying pressure to various counties and cities. Tara covered the travesty of coercing the staff at the TM Boys and Girls Club to get the vaccine.
And discussing what is happening with School Boards and the letter sent to 1100 California Superintendents.

In closing, Nicholas gave words of encouragement as well as how honored we are to have such terrific growth in such a short amount of time. We are making a difference and as we get even more organized will be able to apply much more pressure to each of these agencies.
This organization has become a beacon of Hope for so many people who have become frustrated and wondering just what they can do. Washoe Patriots is the organization that will help everyone find what they can do to help all of us Reclaim our Freedoms!

Let’s get 300+ to our next meeting which is scheduled for Saturday February 13th at 12:30 pm. Stay tuned as we’ll notify you the location of that meeting.


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