Meeting was held February 13th.
Sorry about just trying to catch up here. Our 4th meeting was held at Pure Country Canteen in Sparks. It was a packed house again.

Melanie opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and Mark led us in an opening prayer.

Nicholas played part of the Nari audio and explained how we as Washoe Patriots are NOT going to conduct ourselves when confronted in stores if we’ve chosen to not comply with the wearing of m@$ks. See his writeup.

Assemblywoman Annie Black graced us with her presence and she gave us a quick update. Dr. Frank Schallenberger and his wife Judy came all the way from Carson City and spoke about his experience of getting COVID and the treatments he used to get him and his wife over it.

Nicholas interviewed Cassia who shared with the crowd her horrible experience with the Boys & Girls Club reducing her hours to 0 for not taking the biologic experimental unproven and dangerous shot. Followed by our friends from Nevada Health Freedom giving us even more insight to this very dangerous biologic, dna altering shot.

Nicholas closed with the very familiar tale of David and Goliath. Relating it to the extremely brave colonial army led by General George Washington as the David up against the Giant of the most powerful country in the world, the British Empire and with God’s Devine providence, set this great country free from the British tyrannical rule. Not so very much different from today as the Washoe Patriots are now the David going up against a Giant in our far overreaching government at both the federal and state levels. We can and will win, but everyone has to become involved and activated to do their part.

God bless you, God bless America, and God bless the efforts of all the Washoe Patriots to Reclaim our Freedoms!

Stand strong,


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