We know that trying to do business under these unConstitutional restrictions has already closed down businesses temporarily or in many cases permanently. Our heart goes out to all the business owners trying to navigate in these perilous times and we want to help You.

Know that the Washoe Patriots are here FOR you. We know that you are afraid of the “authorities” that you have been told can shut you down. Fear is their primary weapon against you. More and more businesses are taking a successful stand against this overreach (see Basilico’s below).

We’re here to support YOU, the small business owners in Washoe County. You are the economic backbone of our community. Collectively, you employ the vast majority of people in our county, or at least you did.

Please sign up for our educational emails on how to stay open or get reopened lawfully, Constitutionally, with NO restrictions such as pressure to “force” the wearing of masks by your patrons (you are NOT a licensed medical professional in most cases nor are you a deputized law enforcement officer trying to enforce a “mandate” which is NOT a law). There is no law for “social distancing”, and OSHA has NO authority to tell you what you can or can not make your customers do or not do. OSHA is for you and your employees safety, supposedly. When ANY government agency tries to tell you how to conduct your business, that is the very definition of fascism, DO NOT GIVE INTO IT!

Through our educational emails, you’ll learn just what to say, what to video and/or audio record, what questions to ask, and how protect yourself from an abuse of Your 4th Amendment Rights.

We are working with attorney Joey Gilbert Esq. for any citations that OSHA has given businesses on how to contest them (which MUST be done in 15 days of receipt), how to get a hearing with the OSHA Review Board, and all other remedies in your case. Please visit and download their documents to help you at Covid19 Nevada Strong Site

Basilico’s Italian restaurant in Huntington Beach, Ca, a state that is known for draconian overreach, unlawful restrictive orders and tyrannical intimidation tactics has remained open fully, with no restrictions, no mask requirements, no social distancing and as a result has a nearly packed house every night and is flourishing.

To be clear, NO ONE wants to see anyone get infected with this virus. While it’s called a “novel” virus, it’s a virus like every other virus and Our Creator designed our bodies to be able to withstand them if you have a strong immune system. Download the prevention protocols so you and your employees can be confident of not getting infected to a level of getting symptoms and becoming contagious unless they are significantly immunocompromised.

Don’t just take my word for it, check out this article published on Jan. 26th, 2020 almost a year ago. Dr. Andrew Saul OrthoMolecular Article

Ivermectin is a repurposed anti-parasitic drug that has been used for 50+ years, is very safe and we have a relationship with a Reno Doctor who can get it prescribed for you as a prophylaxes (preventive methodology). See our “Doctors” page on this site.

Be sure and sign up for our educational emails as well as the text messaging service that you’ll be able to utilize in an SOS condition.