It’s not a matter of “if”, it’s a matter of “when”. Under the #BiteMe administration, they are accelerating just about everything. Food Processing facilities mysteriously burning down, train derailments almost every day now, banks going under, and former President of the United States being indicted.

Here at the Washoe Patriots we believe it’s better to be prepared and not have to use it than find ourselves in need and not be able to get it. Or as others have stated, “Preparing for the worst and praying/hoping for the best.”

While no one knows for sure the time frame of the coming collapse, we all have this gnawing sense that it’s coming. But we believe we have time to prepare, so don’t delay, start NOW!

Again, this is all conjecture, as none of us have been through anything like this or even anything close. So as best those that we follow when it comes to survival, you’ll want to have at least a minimum of 30 – 45 days worth of food and water for everyone in your household. Survival food like is advertised can be expensive, especially for a family of 4, 5, or 6 people. We recommend staples like long grain rice, beans, canned soups, canned meats like ham and spam, and oatmeal. As for water, distilled water just for cooking and drinking. Water from safe sources to store along with filtration systems like the Life Straw that can filter 1,000 gallons of water along with Aqua Pure tablets or Chlorine Dioxide Solution to make sure you can kill all pathogens in the water. 16 drops/0.8 ml/1 gallon water for purification. Here is a list we put together as a good starter list of foods. Download Here
We’ve also been experimenting with growing sprouts. We have 3 cases of wide mouth Mason jars with specially designed lids just for sprouts. Here is the paper for how to grow your own sprouts. Jars, lids and 2 cycles of seeds is just $10.
Download by clicking here.

Next we had Clint, a law enforcement training guy, talk about what guns and ammo to have both for protection and hunting. If you want to use ammo to barter, .223, .556, and 9 mm are the most common ammo so it would be good to have if wanting to barter. Not that he was a fan of using ammo to barter, feeling you can never have too much ammo and should consider other options like antibiotics, produce, and skills.

Beth Lenz, a financial analyst and consultant talked about using CASH as much as you can right now to try and stave off the coming Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) where those that control it will control what you can buy and how much if your “social score” isn’t high enough. So you’ll need to have a contingency plan.
Get your money out of all the big international banks and put it in local banks or credit unions. I personally only keep about $200 in any of my accounts. Use cash to pay for as much as possible and give out one of the “I paid cash today for a reason :-)” cards explaining why. We’ve printed up 5,000 of these cards so please take and use these as much as you can. Most that I listen to are recommending silver rounds, a round is 1 troy ounce and is currently trading in the mid $20’s. Historically gold and silver skyrocket when the dollar plunges and at the rate of the growing national deficit, double digit inflation and the printing of money out of thin air, our dollars are becoming worth less and less every day.
Most of us have gotten our’s from Northern Nevada Coin on Plumb just west of I-580 freeway.

Keith has been harvesting produce all winter long here in Reno under some of the worst conditions we’ve seen in years. His 10′ x 16′ Bio Gro greenhouse is well constructed and very inexpensive, for around $2,000 you can obtain all the parts to get started. Adding lights, heaters, fans and temperature and humidity monitors can extend the growing hours but you don’t need all that to get started. No one family will be able to grow all the produce they need, so the more of us that have one of these, then we can each grow different things and trade of things we can’t grow.

As for meat, many are getting chickens for their eggs and their meat. Another great source of meat is rabbits, and they are easy to take care of and don’t require much room to raise. Growing up on a farm, we raised rabbits and sold hundreds of them. We also need to become proficient at hunting.

Keith and Nicholas, but mostly Keith, are working on our first Wood Gasification System and hope to be able to demo it soon. When the collapse happens, much of our infrastructure will eventually shut down too, like getting electricity, compressed natural gas, and gasoline. Many have bought gas generators for when we don’t have electricity which happened a number of times for a number of days during the Reno snow storms this year. But those were temporary. Eventually there will be no gas to run your generators. So with the wood gasification systems, you’ll be able to power those generators with methane gas that comes off of wood, as long as there is wood, you’ll have electricity. Mr. Teslonian has even converted his Chevy Luv pickup to syn-gas running off of his wood gasifier system.

We are also investigating a number of ways to stay in communication with each other. If you have any ideas, please use the contact us to let us know.

Nicholas is an Area Assistant for the People’s Rights organization and we need many more. You too can become an Area Assistant and help train, prepare and form communities to band together to get through this coming nightmare. The more people that are prepared, the less nightmarish it will be.

Be sure and sign up for our educational emails as well as the text messaging service so you’ll be kept up to date on the Calls 2 Action and new strategies being developed.