THANK YOU for considering a donation to Washoe Patriots. We are a team of volunteers who love our country just like you and want to see it return to Greatness. 

BUT, like everyone else we cannot accomplish our goals without cost. PLEASE support our efforts with whatever you can afford. 

Join our team on Wednesday nights and donate a little cash or make a check to “Alt 1” while you’re there.

ANY SMALL AMOUNT IS LARGE, from Patriot to Patriots, a Call to Action! Donate through Venmo, Zelle, or Cash App here.
We are currently in need of $250 for the Annual Membership Fees to the Sacred Honor Educational Foundation and money for Legal books and Equity instruction books. I believe this is the missing piece and why we have been making progress but coming up just short of our objectives.


Donating Opportunities

Venmo – @stnick007 or use the QR code

Nicholas St Jon
(775) 772-6467

Zelle – NV State Bank Acct

Cash App

Checks – Make out to “Alt 1” and mail to 245 Hillcrest Dr. #7, Reno, NV 89509-3704

Cash – still good here, like who knew?