Cancer’s worst nightmare. It has a 3 pronged method of attacking and destroying cancer cells.

I want to congratulate you on coming to this page to learn more about this incredible and powerful repurposed drug.

The struggle is that we’ve been conditioned our entire lives to listen to the doctors and they are not typically promoting Fenbendazole. I’m asking you to please open your mind and at least get through the links, videos, and information about Fenbendazole before dismissing it’s use.

Between the NIH and NCI, they get over $50 Billion for cancer research. $156 Billion was spent in 2018 on cancer treatments. Answer this question: If you ran a cancer research facility getting $10 million a year in grants, “When would you find a cure?” Probably never! There’s more money in “treatments” than “cures”.

Let me introduce you to Mr. Joe Tippen. In August 2016 Joe was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer, went through radiation and eventually was given less than 1% chance of surviving. That’s when a veterinarian introduced him to Fenbendazole and the nearly 100% success rate in studies with various cancers injected into mice. Joe has now been cancer free for over 5 years, NOT in remission, clear of all cancer.
Joe’s interview on Templeton Wellness website

Please read Joe’s entire story to get the full impact of what this could mean to you or someone you are trying to help:

The 3 mechanisms that Fenbendazole utilizes based on research by a group of scientists from India are:

  • GLUT4, the glucose tranporter, is interrupted so that cancer cells cannot metabolize glucose, essentially starving cancer cells
  • Microtubular disrupter, this disrupts the cancer’s ability to multiply
  • Activates p53 – the “Guardian of the Genes” which is the body’s mechanism that enhances the cells apoptosis and to finish the cell death process

The first question that we usually get asked is: “Will it work on ____________ cancer?” The Templeton Wellness Foundation has dozens of testimonials of almost every type of cancer, and many of those were in Stage IV and have survived using Fenbendazole.
Find one that you relate to and watch it at:

Here at Alt1, a Private Health Association, we already have people taking Fenben to fight their cancer, people who are taking it prophylactically to prevent cancer, and some taking it after they have gone through chemo or radiation and have been cleared so they won’t get cancer again.

We obtain the Panacur C brand of Fenben, 150 mg tablets from our supplier in India.

To use the Joe Tippen’s protocol, you take 222mg each day until you are clear of the cancer. That is 1 1/2 of the 150 mg tablets. I take prophylactically by putting the 1 1/2 tablets in a pill crusher, add organic coconut oil and drink it down. It can be taken in pill form but needs a high fat meal so the Fenben can be absorbed. Some take it with yogurt. I’m on the preventative protocol where you take it for 3 days, then off for 4 days, repeat for 10 weeks, then off for 10 weeks and repeat the cycle.

In order to obtain Fenben from the Alt1 organization, you must become a member. Membership is currently free. Sign up here: Membership signup

Special Note: Fenbendazole can be taken at the same time as any other cancer treatment and has not been shown to interfere at all with those treatments. Also, there have been no long term side effects with some that have been on it daily for over 3 years, so it is extremely safe.

Please do not delay in getting on this wonderful gift from God. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose, and at less than $1.50/day it’s very affordable. Panacur C dog dewormer 1 gram packets (222mg Fenben) is roughly $10 for 3 days working out to $3.33/day.

God bless you and we look forward to helping you, your family, and/or your friends beat this devastating disease.

Once you have become a member, feel free to text us at 775.245.4404 to start a dialog about your situation.