Our next in-person meeting is Tuesday evening June 22nd at 6:30 pm 3650 Boynton Lane, Lucky Lane Club House. This will also be an Affidavit signing and notarization party.

The Washoe Patriots is a NON-VIOLENCE strategy based organization to use all peaceful means available to the citizens of this county to restore and reclaim our God-given rights and freedoms.

If you’ve had enough of the tyrannical overreach of the State of Nevada, Washoe County, or the Mayors of your city, you’ve come to the right place.

The Washoe County School District is running amok and NOT listening to the citizens. We had over 400 signatures so great job everyone!

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The Washoe Patriots has been formed to be a beacon of light, bringing hope to the citizens of Washoe County who are frustrated and want to do something but don’t know quite what to do. We pool resources, to reduce duplicated efforts, create teams to support each other, get people educated and trained so they can educate and train others on how to stand up for their Constitutional rights, educate businesses on the law and Constitution so they can fully reopen without restrictions and how to stand up against government agency’s threats, and continue to build large numbers of patriots to stand against the tyrannical overreach of various government agencies.

Sign 2A Sanctuary County Petition

Numbers get the County Commissioners attention. So we’ve started a petition to get the numbers so they’ll pay attention to We The People about preserving our 2nd Amendment Rights against the tyrannical federal government overreach.
Sign the Petition – Almost 1600 signatures as we are well on our way, our goal: 2,500!

We will be holding bi-weekly meetings to help educate people on their Constitutional rights to wear a mask or not, social distance or not, limit gatherings or not and to educate business owners on the Law and the Constitution and how to open or reopen fully and lawfully without restrictions.

Our first meeting was held January 3, 2021 at the Code Coffee establishment at 300 S. Wells Ave. and we so appreciate them opening up just for our group. Please visit and support them as often as you can.

We had about 30 Washoe Patriots at this first meeting where we went over packets handed out to everyone to start the education and training process. We were also graced by our favorite attorney, Joey Gilbert, who has been leading this fight against overreach for many months already.

Please get signed up on both our e-mail system and text messaging service so you will be sure to be notified and reminded of the meeting and other worthwhile calls, zoom meetings, or calls for assistance.