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NEXT MEETING THURSDAY March 7th 6:30pm @ the NEW location: Sparks, 10 Greg St. Suite 122 Glory Cloud Coffee, middle of the shops, facing Stanford

Saturday February 24th, from 8:30am-11am, we will begin trainings on converting Oaths of Office into Private Commerce Contracts and learning about Notices of Liabilities, Faults, Defaults and Bills of Exchange. The cost is $25/person or $30/couple. Sign up at:

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Next : Washoe Patriots in-person meeting –
Thursday March 7th, 6:30 pm,
10 Greg St Suite 122 Sparks
Glory Cloud Cofefe
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Thank you to those that helped get the message out to Republicans at the Presidential Preference Primary (a result of the Dems controlled NV Legislature 2023 session) that added the PPP and threw many into confusion. Those that voted at the PPP, “None of these Candidates” beat Nikki Haley 63%-30% sending a clear message. Also the ultra low turnout told the State we simply do not want it.

In Contrast, the GOP held the Caucus votes, showed ID, got a paper ballot, voted, and then with anyone who wanted to watch, was counted that evening. Almost 13,000 Washonians voted in the Caucus, 99.1% for Trump, giving him all 26 Delegates from the State of Nevada! 2-3 times more people voted in the Caucus than in the PPP.

Congratulations Washoe Patriots, on January 3rd, we turned 3 years old. What started with Melanie Sutton and I holding our first meeting at Code Coffee with 30 in attendance, has grown to rough estimates of over 700 people with all the email lists, text message service, almost 600 on Facebook, over 300 on Rumble, another 300+ on Next Door app, a presence on Signal and Telegram, so getting an exact number is virtually impossible, but it’s the level of involvement that counts and I can tell you it’s substantial. Thank you to all the Patriots who have stuck with it but also for your contributions, we are making a difference!

Happy New Year! Fasten your seatbelt as 2024 looks to be an even more turbulent ride than the past couple of years. For Nicholas, that showed up on January 2nd when a voice mail was left indicating the overwhelming concern by the Chief Justice Lynn Jones who has refused to meet with me for almost 4 months but now worried that the things I’m involved in could get me arrested or thrown in jail. I’m touched, really Lynn. It might be helpful to narrow down what things I’m “involved” in. Beings her and the DA’s office have delivered what can easily be deemed threats of arrest, maybe we can find a mechanism for them to answer for these perceived threats.

On other fronts, a Petition for a Writ of Mandamus was filed with the 2nd Judicial District Court on December 11, 2023. Found out that just because you “file” documents and it’s assigned to a judge, that does not mean they will look at it. You have to file a “Request for Submission” which I learned of on January 9, 2024 which restarted the clock. On Friday, Jan 26th, the Judge issued an “order” to strike the “submission”, “serve” the Defendant(s), and added the District Attorney’s Office to the case for some mysterious reason considering they are NOT part of this case. The week of Feb 5th, I filed a Motion to Disqualify the DA’s office for Conflict of Interest as they are a defendant in the Expedited Hearings case and one of the Matters that was put before the Grand Jury.

Because getting straight answers from almost anyone in government has become nearly impossible, Nicholas will be filing a Petition for an Expedited Hearing in the courts to have them call the DA’s office staff and inquire into why they are answering the PRRs with misdirection, lies, no answers and just plain dodging the issue. The ability to talk in circles, change the meaning of words and simply stand there looking dazed and confused may work on your average citizen, but I’m not having it.

2023 Washoe Patriots meetings will also include about 30-45 minutes of prepping for survival. No matter how bad it gets, TOGETHER we can all get through it if we are prepared.

Next Washoe Patriots meeting – Washoe Patriots in-person meeting – Thurs.
Mar 7th, 6:30 pm, Sparks, 10 Greg St. Ste 122, Glory Cloud Cofefe, Stanford & Greg

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The Reasonable
Doubt Report

November 20, 2023 – Update on Reasonable Doubt case filed with the Washoe County Sheriff’s office, case 22-5105. 13 months after filing the case, we finally tracked down on the desk of Deputy Secretary of Elections Mark Wlaschin. He told us that “their” experts had reviewed the document and “obviously” came to a different conclusion than we had come to. Well, duh, we couldn’t really have the Secretary of Elections agreeing that the machines are switching votes now could we?
I demanded the names, qualifications and statistical methods they used to come to that conclusion and got an email that simply said we did not present “enough/substantial” evidence and true to form of course there were NO definitions as to what “substantial” would be. They were kind enough to allow us to submit it when we have it, how sweet!
Not sure what our next steps are so stay tuned.

Click the image to the left to download the whole report.

Election Integrity w/Nicholas St Jon

The Provisional Ballots investigation was thwarted by the former Internal Auditor Samantha Turner. She presented “her” findings at a Review Committee meeting but didn’t give me the opportunity to correct her findings. She was then moved to another position and our followup with 26 supporters at that Review mtg did not get even one more question answered. Then the “investigation” was illegally closed without so much as a discussion or vote by the Commissioners.


Blatant violation of our 4th Amendment and the NV Constitution Article 1 Section 18 rights, discrimination “just” at the Chamber doors ONLY during BCC meetings.

Watch Nicholas stand hard against these egregious violations! Some are saying it’s a waste of time and it’s not that bad. My question is when then is enough, till we wait for ALL of our Constitutional Rights to be taken away? Is that when we should start pushing back???

#BiteMe is

Afghanistan Fiasco Is NOT Incompetence – It Is By Design

Border Crisis Is NOT Incompetence –
It Is By Design

Economic Crisis Is NOT Incompetence –
It Is By Design

Action NOW! … Time Is Running Short!


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Interviewed on UnRestricted Truth show with James Grundvig and Josh Reid.
https://rumble.com/v2483bq-covid-information-war-with-nicholas-st.-john-and-josh-reid-unrestricted-tru.html interview starts at 27:38

Interview on America Happens’ Blood Money podcast with Vem Miller and Travis Ebarb.
Blood Money Episode 27 with Nicholas St Jon “I found election fraud and my government ignored me” (rumble.com)

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Washoe Patriots in-person meeting – Thursday Mar 7th, 6:30 pm.

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WASHOE PATRIOTS Prepping Meeting!
Washoe Patriots in-person outdoors meeting –
Thursday March 7th, 6:30 pm, 10 Greg St. Ste 122, Sparks, Glory Cloud Coffee.


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