Because of all the interest in making Chlorine Dioxide Solution versus the Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) I’ve put together a video of how I’ve streamlined the process, shortened the “baking” time and have sturdier bottles to keep and ship it in.

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The CDS Basic Kit includes 2 500 ml bottles, 2 blue sealer caps, 2 clear flip caps, 2 8″ 1 Quart Freezer zip bags, 1 10 ml measuring syringe and 1 150 ml Anchor Hocking measuring glass.

We have 3 options;
1) JUST the kit to make CDS, it includes 2 empty bottles, 2 plastic bags, 4 caps, measuring cup and 1 10ml syringe, it DOES NOT include any chemicals (Sodium Chlorite nor Hydrochloric acid) – $35 + S&H;
2) The kit plus 50 ml of Sodium Chlorite mixed to 28% and 80 ml of Hydrochloric acid at 4.7%, this is enough to make 2 batches, 400 ml CDS @ ~3000 ppm – $65 + S&H;
3) The kit plus chemicals but one of the bottles will have 400 ml pre-made CDS @ ~3000ppm – $100 + S&H
Shipping & Handling so far has run us about $10-$12, to make it easy, our standard S&H will be $10.
Watch the video below for a step-by-step process of how you can make your own using the simplest method devised yet.

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God Bless You, we are making a difference and the more people that know of the power of CDS and the therapeutics Alt1 has the better we can thwart the next Plandemic! #wwg1wga