*****NOTICE: These are individual’s own experiences relayed to Washoe Patriots. Most employees are wearing masks, but the places listed here have either just not bothered people who are maskless, or accepted that they don’t want to wear it with no further hassle. You can shop in these places without a mask and no-one will bother you. ***For now*** We are hoping it doesn’t change anywhere that’s listed. But remember, nothing carved in stone these days and this list will be updated daily accordingly. Please keep your comments coming!

*Businesses with an asterisk have been reported to now be requiring masks.

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Support Our Small Businesses

HARCOURTS NV1 REALTY Jessica Hodges, Owner [email protected] https://www.facebook.com/HarcourtsNV1Realty
JUNK KING. Family owned and operated and believe adults can make their own decision about wearing a mask. We do not order our clients or our staff to wear them and will not order them to get a vaccination. Free will and God we trust. 
NATIVE ROOTS APOTHECARY, online, (775) 800-3364 Stacey Shaffer, Owner, (775) 800-3364 [email protected] https://www.facebook.com/nativerootsapothecaryholistichealthandwellness
ON REALTY, Andy Cassidy, Realtor. 1030 Caughlin Crossing, Reno 89519, [email protected]
ONE SKY NATURAL HEALTH, S Reno 775-742-2769. [email protected] – I am a holistic doctor and a conservative business owner. Not requiring masks.
SOLID SOURCE REALTY Marika Moore, Realtor 775-400-5151 [email protected]
MOORE THAN LOCKS- mobile residential and commercial Locksmith  and Handyman 775-525-0305, [email protected] www.moorethanlocks.com