Nicholas St Jon Confronts BCC About Peoples Rights To Have a Proxy.

For exercising Bob’s rights to have a proxy step in and speak on his behalf, chairman lapdog Lucey decides Nicholas is out of order and has him escorted out of the building.
Some vague obscure NRS 241.020 3(d)(7) statute that says they can run a meeting whereby people living in Washoe County are redressing their grievances are not allowed to a proxy.
Or was it that the proxy couldn’t be Nicholas St Jon???
Simple fix, if you don’t want 20, 30, 50, or 100 people showing up telling you to fix the county and protect it’s citizens, do what We The People are telling you we want done, easy peasy!

Interviewed by Peggy Hall of The Healthy American - 05/12/2021

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Chairman Lucey’s Response 01/26/2021

01:18 cannot dictate whether the mask rule goes away, that is not in my power, that is not in this board’s power, even if this board takes a resolution on it, wouldn’t change it.
I can attest to you that the majority of our citizens live within the city of Sparks and city of Reno along with their businesses.
Those businesses are impacted by those governments and those municipalities.
For me, if I was to place a resolution on the record, and say well you know Washoe County is not going to enforce these types of rules, if this was even to pass by this board, it would only be in the unincorporated areas of Washoe County.
So if you reside in the city of Reno or Sparks or have a business in Reno or Sparks you would still fall under their rules, their police enforcement has nothing to do with Washoe County.

In reference to White Pine, Elko, and Eureka counties,
They are very much different counties than right here in Washoe County.

I want to help you but a resolution will not change the outcome of the mask mandate.

That’s the God’s honest truth.

I did not place it on the agenda for that reason alone.

There you go folks, I’m very sorry about that.

Nari audio – the way Washoe Patriots WILL NOT ACT!

While we applaud her taking a stand, we do not endorse her methodologies.

  • We show Respect to EVERYONE at all times
  • When we ask for information we stop talking and wait for them to give it to us. If they don’t we ask politely but sternly Again. If they don’t give it to us to identify who they are and the authority they believe they have, Walk Away.
  • We stay focused on the facts, our rights, and what we are there to do, i.e. shopping, product pickup, browsing, scheduling services, etc.
  • When/If you are talking to the Law Enforcement Officers, be respectful.
  • We DO NOT raise our voices or yell or scream. Proverbs 15:1 “A gentle answer turns away wrath, But a harsh word stirs up anger.”
  • DO NOT get involved in any other situation that is not directly effecting you personally.
  • Remain calm, let “them” be the ones who are disturbing Your peace and trying to get you to become unruly (which is a misdemeanor NRS 203.030 Every person who shall by word, sign or gesture willfully provoke, or attempt to provoke, another person to commit a breach of the peace shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.)
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